Ximpel Presentation – The Forest

This is the final Ximple presentation and visualization for our serious game concept: The Forest of Life.

It illustrates how some of the game mechanics could work and provides you a brief glimpse on the ideas behind it. We would advise anyone who decides to play this game to read the documentation first, as it provides more insight into what the game is all about.

We’re still looking for a way to webhost it, however, due to some technological difficulties on Ruben’s behalf, things are rather messy.

However, you can still download the files right here!

For now, try to host the index.html file as a localhost. If you don’t know how to do that, try downloading the Web Server for Chrome extension. You only have to direct to the unpacked zip file and it’s done!


One-Slider and Final Essay

Below you can check a one-slider that accompanies my final essay on serious gaming.

I decided to focus on serious gaming as a whole for the final essay, and to not write about our own serious gaming project; this already got all the attention in our final documentation.

The essay thus focusses on serious gaming and its possibilities, is it the holy grail of education or just a hype? Check it out here: Essay on Serious Gaming

One-Slider Essay

Final Concept – The Forest

This is the final documentation of our Serious Gaming concept: The Forest of Life. The Forest and is meant to especially develop intrapersonal skills like metacognition and self-reflection.
A XIMPEL interactive video accompanies the final documentation as a presentation of our concept, and will be uploaded later.

Check out the final documentation below!

Final Documentation

Moodspace – The Forest

Below is the moodspace of our concept serious game: The Forest of Life. It illustrates the dark and confusing start of the game, which during gameplay and progress transforms into a lush and beautiful forest. The glowing orb in the distance represents the clues that you find in the game to help you progress. Characters in the Forest will confront you with questions and dilemmas. The more dilemmas and questions found are answered and elaborated on, the more illumination and growth is found in the game world.