Ximpel Presentation – The Forest

This is the final Ximple presentation and visualization for our serious game concept: The Forest of Life.

It illustrates how some of the game mechanics could work and provides you a brief glimpse on the ideas behind it. We would advise anyone who decides to play this game to read the documentation first, as it provides more insight into what the game is all about.

We’re still looking for a way to webhost it, however, due to some technological difficulties on Ruben’s behalf, things are rather messy.

However, you can still download the files right here!

For now, try to host the index.html file as a localhost. If you don’t know how to do that, try downloading the Web Server for Chrome extension. You only have to direct to the unpacked zip file and it’s done!


Author: Samuel Boyd

Hi, I’m Sam Boyd, a Dutch guy with an English name. Right now I’m in the first year of the research master Cognitive Science, part of the Artificial Intelligence Master at the VU and UvA. My background only partly connects to this master; my bachelor was in Psychology. Over the course of my bachelor, I found that I was mostly interested in how experimental psychological results are connected to the brain. This is why I specialized in Clinical Neuropsychology. Although I chose a different route for my masters, Clinical Neuropsychology still holds a dear place in my heart. After my Master here at the VU, I’m considering to do the Serious Gaming Master at the UvA. Take a look around to see the progress on a Serious Gaming project, me and two other students are working on!

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